Approved Residential Projects

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The list below includes approved residential projects including tentative maps that are still valid but have not yet been finalled.  This list does not include approved parcel maps 4 lots or less.

Updated March 17, 2017

Address Project Name Approval Date Description Current Status Documents
(if applicable)
7625 Antelope Road Mariposa Creek Subdivision 10/27/2016 Proposal to subdivide a vacant 3.5 acre parcel into 15 residential lots. Project includes a Rezone for a portion of the property that would change the zoning from RD-4 to RD-5, an Ordinance change to the allowable lot coverage of the RD-5 zone from 40% to 50%; a Tentative Subdivision Map for the 15 residential lots; a Design Review Permit for the exterior of the homes, and a Tree Permit for the removal of several trees The project was approved by the City Council on  October 27, 2016.
​City Council Agenda
6150 Auburn Blvd Parcel Map 04/13/2016 Approval to divide and existing commercial property into two lots. Recently Approved


6550 Greenback Lane Legend Homes Subdivision 2006 Tentative map approved for the development of 9 single-family lots.  The map has not been finalled and is valid until January 26, 2017.  No Activity

 Staff Report
Conditions of Approval
Approved Tentative Map

8043 Holly Drive Parcel Map 2/22/2017 Approved an application to divide a 1.48 acre parcel into two lots. Approved February 22, 2017 Staff Report
Tentative Map
7878 Lawrence Ave Wyatt Ranch May 2007

Approved tentative map for a 23-lot single-family subdivision with lots ranging in size from 5,000 square feet - 9,000 square feet.

Tentative Map Approved; no construction activity at this time Staff Report
Tentative Map
7878 Lawrence Ave Wyatt Ranch August 2016 Exterior design review of the 23 proposed single-family homes within the Wyatt Ranch Subdivision Approved Click to edit
5555 Mariposa Mariposa Subdivision 2007

A application was approved for a 46-lot residential development with common open space and private drives. The map has not yet been finalled and is valid until August 9, 2017

Site improvements underway Project Details- Staff Report, Conditions of Approval & Map
8220 Oak Ave Parcel map Jan 2017 Parcel Map approved to divide one parcel into two single-family lots. Recently appoved  
Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Senior Care 2013 Allow the construction and operation of a 74,000 square foot memory care and assisted living facility with 129 bed.   No Activity Staff Report
8115 Wachtel Citrus Place 2006 An 8-lot single-family subdivision was approved.  The map has not yet finalled and is valid until July 26, 2017. No Activity Conditions of Approval
Staff Report
Tentative Map