Projects Under Review

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The following applications are under review by the Planning Division and other agencies. These applications will be forwarded to the the approving authority for final action at a later date.

Projects Under Review as of September 9, 2016

Address Project Name Date Submitted Description Current Status
7625 Antelope Rd Mariposa Creek Subdivision 10/29/2015 Proposal to subdivide a vacant 3.5 acre parcel into 15 residential lots.  Project includes a Rezone for a portion of the property that would change the zoning from RD-4 to RD-5, an Ordinance change to the allowable lot coverage of the RD-5 zone from 40% to 50%; a Tentative Subdivision Map for the 15 residential lots; a Design Review Permit for the exterior of the homes, and a Tree Permit for the removal of several trees.
Hearing scheduled for September 14, 2016
​Auburn Blvd
Stock Ranch Guide
04/19/2016 Revisions to the Guide for Development to allow for additional buildings Under
​Lawrence Ave
Wyatt Ranch
​Residential Design
03/02/2016 Exterior design review of the 23 proposed single-family homes within the Wyatt Ranch Subdivision Project hearing scheduled for August 10, 2016

Old Auburn Rd

Bearpaw Village Townhomes 12/23/2014 43 townhome development Under Review
7807 Madison Ave Fine Wine & Spirits 7/13/2016 Applicant is requesting to modify existing Use Permit to allow the sales of additional sizes of alcohol and change of operating hours. Hearing scheduled for September 14, 2016.
7601 Sunrise Blvd Human Bean Coffee Kiosk 8/23/2016 Allow for the construction and operation of a drive-thru coffee kiosk Under Review
7000 Verner Ave Verizon Cellular Communication Pole 01/15/2016 New cellular communication pole that will be designed as a tree. Under Review