Garbage Collection

Citrus Heights residents are provided with weekly garbage service.
Residents have a choice of a 32-, 64-, or 96-gallon garbage container. Residents are also provided with mixed recycling and green waste collection containers. The standard green waste and mixed recycling carts are 96-gallon, but residents may request smaller containers if desired. The price will not change.
Garbage Container
Missed Pickup
To report a missed garbage pickup, contact customer service at 916-725-9060.

Collection Schedule
Garbage service is provided on a weekly basis. Containers must be at the curbside no later than 5:30 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

Container Setout
Please place containers on the street side as shown below, so they do not block pedestrian use of sidewalks. Keep containers a minimum of 6 feet away from cars, boats, and other stationary objects to avoid risk of private property damage.

Container Setout

Please note that green waste and mixed recycling are collected on alternating weeks. See the recycling calendar or call 916-725-9060 to request a collection schedule.

Placement & Storage
Please remove containers from the curbside after they are serviced on collection day. The appearance of neighborhoods would be improved if residents stored containers in side yards or backyards after servicing.

Container Replacement or Repair
To request any type of repair or replacement for garbage, green waste, or mixed recycling containers, please contact customer service by calling 916-725-9060.

Other Information
  • Materials must fall freely from a container when dumped.
  • Containers may not be serviced if they are overfilled, are not accessible, or include inappropriate materials.