Leaving Dogs in Cars

Spring jumps to summer pretty quickly in the Sacramento Valley, and with early heat waves it's a good reminder to plan ahead when enjoying summer activities with our animals. Sadly, every year there are reports of animal fatalities attributed to heat related illnesses. It can't be said often enough:

  • Never leave an animal (or child) unattended in the heat in a parked car!
  • Even if your car is parked in the shade with the windows down, heat stroke can happen in minutes!

The Sacramento-based nonprofit organization Red Rover is called for May 2013 to be a month full of preventive action events in 30+ communities. Read more information.

Hot Car Safety

General Summer Tips


Pet Poison Helpline - 800-213-6680

Holidays are joyous times to welcome our family, our friends, and celebrate with colorful decorations and delicious treats! Some of us include our pets in our homes during the parties and present exchanges, but forget that some of our beverages, decor, plants, and foods can be toxic for them. The Pet Poison Helpline has some wonderful information on their website for the seasonal temptations your pets may face:

Cold Weather Tips

View some cold weather tips to keep your pet safe (PDF).