Planning Applications

About the Division

The Planning Division processes a variety of applications including applications relating to land development, business activities, and tree permits. Some applications are processed over-the-counter and others require a review and approval by an authority such as the Planning Commission or City Council.

Project Processing Guide

Review the Project Processing Guide (PDF) to learn more about the processing of project applications within the city of Citrus Heights.


The Planning Division is now accepting all applications via its online application portal. You will be required to create an account and upload all information digitally. The Planning Division is no longer accepting physical copies of applications. Please contact the Planning Division during normal business hours for more information.


Learn more about the following permit applications and the requirements for each:

Contacting the Division

The Planning Division will assist you in determining which application type(s) your project requires and can explain the processing timeline. It is always advisable to contact the Planning Division early in the process and prior to any significant investment in your project.