Risk Management & Claims

The city's Risk Management Division seeks to establish and maintain internal fiscal and policy controls to avert risk to the organization and employees, including ensuring city assets are protected from loss, theft, and misuse and protecting employees from mistreatment. The mission includes the desire to reduce city losses from liability claims, lawsuits, and property damage. The Risk Management Division has responsibility for reviewing and determining the appropriate city action for any claims submitted against the city.

Risk Management Programs
Through development and implementation of sound risk management programs, the Risk Management Division seeks to foster a safe and ergonomically sound workplace environment and minimize injuries to employees resulting in workers' compensation costs and lost time. Staff works closely with employees that are injured on-the-job and off-the-job to protect them from further injury and to return them to full duties as soon as possible. Through a proactive employer relations program, the city wants to ensure that employees are adequately trained on workplace wrongdoing and the consequence thereof, and the appropriate means for reporting an incident, in order to maintain an environment that is free of workplace wrongdoing.