Liaison Appointments

At the beginning of the year, the Mayor appoints City Council Members to serve on several liaison committees composed of City Council members and members of other local boards and commissions that serve Citrus Heights.

For any questions about the City Council liaison appointments, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 916-725-2448.

Area Meeting Schedule Mayor's Appointment
Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce Meets as needed J. Bruins
S. Miller
Education and Community Programs (San Juan Unified School District and Sunrise Recreation and Park District) Meets as needed S. Frost 
M. Turner
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Meets as needed M. Turner
J. Slowey
Inter-governmental Relations Meets as needed J. Bruins
J. Slowey 
Sunrise MarketPlace Meets on a monthly basis S. Miller
S. Frost
Mayors' and Board Chair Form Collaborative
Meeting schedule published regularly
J. Bruins
J. Slowey