Residential Security Check

Request a Residential Security Check from the Citrus Heights Police Department

Before you leave for your home for an extended period, let us know! As a free service to residents, our Civilian Volunteers will check your home while you are away. 

The service is designed to deter would-be burglars and provides residents extra protection and peace of mind. As often as once a day, a volunteer will inspect your home to verify that there are no changes to the perimeter of the house, that any remaining vehicles parked at the location remain intact, and any lights that were off are still off, and lights left on, stay on. 

  • Security checks can only be conducted for Citrus Heights residents and on residential properties. 
  • 72-Hour notice is required before the first day of the security check. Failure to do so may request in a delay in the start of the requested security checks. 
  • Security Checks are limited to 30 days in duration.
  • Security Checks may only be conducted on a residential property where no one will be home during the property owner's absence. 

To request a Residential Security Check online, please click the link below:

Online Residential Security Check Form

Printable Residential Security Check Form

To Submit the Form in Person or by Mail:

Please print out the Residential Security Check Form (link above) and mail it or bring it to the address listed below: 

Citrus Heights Police Department
Attn: Residential Security Check Program
6315 Fountain Square Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95621