Tactical Dispatch Team


The primary objective of the tactical dispatch team (TDT) is to assist patrol during high-risk incidents, SWAT operations, and planned special events. TDT supports the incident tactical commanders in the execution of their duties during the course of a critical incident. TDT’s duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Act as the primary dispatcher for high-risk or planned events on a dedicated radio channel 
  • Understand/decipher radio traffic re: tactical communications 
  • Assist in logistical planning re: special events or command post operations 
  • Familiar with the policies and procedures regarding department protocol for tactical operations 
  • Deploy with the SWAT team for high-risk or planned events 
  • Scribe negotiations 
  • Brief critical information to specific commanders based on their duties and responsibilities 
  • Assist the Incident Commander with maintaining radio traffic in-field 
  • Create maps, diagrams, or sketches to assist command staff 
  • Work alongside outside agencies during large-scale mutual aid events 
  • Maintain personnel rosters, check-in forms, and unit location changes 
  • Perform creative and unfamiliar mutual aid operations as necessary 


Tactical dispatch is a collateral duty reserved for experienced dispatchers with a proven track record of exceptional proficiency in routine dispatch operations. Working in-field communications during elevated incidents requires sound judgment and tactically minded individuals.

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