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Intent of Scoping Meeting

The purpose of a public scoping meeting is to inform the public that the lead agency, the City is evaluating a project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and to solicit public comment regarding the type and extent of environmental analyses to be undertaken. 

At the scoping stage, the project design is not completed, and general information is available to provide to the public. The City describes the preliminary concept of the project, and asks for feedback about the nature of the environmental review.

The public has the option of submitting scoping comments orally and in writing at the Public Scoping Meeting or submitting written comments as described above.

What are the next steps after the public scoping meetings?

Upon completion of the scoping process, all public comments will be organized and will be considered in the preparation of the DRAFT Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The DEIR will evaluate potential environmental impacts associated with implementation of the project.


DEIR Public Meetings: The DEIR will be available for a hold a 45-day public comment period. During this time, the City will conduct a public meeting to present the DEIR and provide an additional opportunity for public input. Public comments will be considered in the preparation of the Final EIR.


Final EIR: The Final EIR will incorporate public input as appropriate and will include a ‘Response to Comments’ section that will include a response to each public comment.


Adoption of Specific Plan and EIR: Upon completion of the Specific Plan, DEIR and FEIR, the entire project will be considered by the City Council. It is anticipated that this will occur in the spring of 2021.


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